Time(line) is of the essence

Currently there is no facility to track progress visually, or to add key dates like the ARCP to help manage how many more assessments you need.

I hear that in the Foundation ePortfolio there is now a timeline, but I haven’t seen it myself – is it any good?


Ideally there would be some auto-populating of key dates dependant on your stage of training and speciality, with the ability of the trainee and supervisor to add dates themselves. In a dream world, dates of training days could be added by the speciality administrator and would automatically appear on the timeline. Then popups or colour changes could alert the user to the imminent approach of the ARCP.


5 responses to “Time(line) is of the essence

  1. There is currently a “Target Timeline” feature used by Foundation. Have you seen it? It’s under the “Forms” menu.

    • I have not seen this as it does not exist on the speciality version of the ePortfolio. I’d be interested to hear what Foundation Trainees think of it?

  2. I’m a Foundation Trainee and I didn’t know it existed. I’ve just been and had a look and it’s rubbish. You can’t add dates, it doesn’t even have dates, just to be done by “month 4” and it’s inaccurate in the assessments that are required.

  3. The content of the timeline is determined centrally (UKFPO) for all foundation doctors, but the functionality could be adapted. It’s been available for Deaneries to add their own timescales for a couple of years now, and some have used it. We’ve never been asked to let the trainee set their own timeline, but it’s a good idea. What would you want to add, and how would you want this displayed?

    • This is about making the content that is already there more accessible, and giving the ePortfolio functionality to help physicians proactively plan their learning, rather than just document learning events that have occurred. I envisage a timeline on the login page with key events (such as change of rotation, ARCP) highlighted (see here), and a more visual representation of achievements such as WBPAs already done. Hovering over an event could provide more details, and clicking would be a link to the WBPA itself. Clicking on the timeline would bring it up on a page of it’s own where more details of events could be visible.

      Allowing trainees to add events/dates themselves allows them to be more in control of their learning (an hence act more as proactive adult learners). Some trainees may wish to use this a lot (for example adding upcoming meetings, conferences, training days), while others would use it less. Certainly it would benefit most trainees to add their ARCP date which would be a helpful reminder of targets for WPBAs.

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