Roles and responsibilities

Some people have multiple roles, some of which are simultaneous, others which change over time. Currently if you login to do an assessment for someone else the system doesn’t recognise you and although you can choose to log your completion of assessments for others this isn’t integrated with your main portfolio.

Also there is no capacity to select a “default role” so you have to annoyingly select your current role every time you log in.

Small annoyances become big annoyances over time!


4 responses to “Roles and responsibilities

  1. This is simple to do technically – but you have to persuade the colleges that things like this are important, otherwise they will never commission us to do the work.

  2. Re multiple roles – it already does this! You have to select ‘keep my records’ then log in as usual. You then have access to your full ePortfolio.

    • It would be better if the tickets sent to you from trainees automatically appeared so that when you logged in as normal they appeared for you to fill in. In a broader sense acknowledging that people have multiple roles as trainees and trainers, and making this visible and integrated would make the ePortfolio feel more relevant to the realities of day to day practice.

  3. I liked the idea of selecting your ‘default role’ but then you would still have to go to ‘external assessor’ role separately to see your tickets – how could these two ideas be integrated?

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