A vision of a better (ePortfolio) world

When I log into my ePortfolio it looks like this:

wow. inspiring.

I would like it to look more like this :


Wow! At least a little more inspiring!

This example is just an afternoon’s cut and pasting in an attempt to highlight small changes that could be made, using existing content within the site that would improve the experience for users. There is a much bigger debate around the concept of the portfolio, WBAs, and how we train, test and inspire trainees; but I’ll save that for another post…


3 responses to “A vision of a better (ePortfolio) world

  1. I can’t think of anything worse than that. All I want when I log into the eportfolio is a big box with ”Assessments due by ”. Nothing else. Maybe a space for messages. The timeline could be useful too.

    I certainly don’t want a photo of me or my personal details parroted back at me. I know those already. I also don’t want highlights or an RSS feed. Unnecessary, largely linking to stuff I don’t care about, and cluttering up the page.

    Keep it clean and simple, for me.

  2. From the department of “the art of the possible”: most modern e-portfolios allow the user to choose a theme (i.e. select colour schemes, graphics and the like) and also drag and drop blocks of content/functionality…so you could have it as simple, or as rich, as you like.

  3. This is a really good point. People have different preferences, and we should account for this in the design. The idea is to support an individual’s learning and development, so the solutions should have elements that can be individually tailored. Thanks for your thoughts.

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