Where’s your user group?

A major contributor to trainees’ frustration with the ePortfolio has been the lack of user feedback. Trainees and trainers using the system day in day out have not had a clear and accountable way to give feedback to the Colleges which purchase the ePortfolio on their behalf. Those at NES managing the system, and the developers weaving their magic in binary don’t necessarily know how it is used on the front line. It has certainly not been an agile development process.

Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 10.28.38

But there is no point looking back. We are here and must consider how we make things better for the future. Change is slow but it is possible.

The JRCPTB/Royal College of Physicians have actively responded to the pleas of trainees and have created an ePortfolio reference group.

The objectives of the group are to:

  1. Provide feedback and appropriate consultation to the JRCPTB on issues of ePortfolio management including performance, usability and required features.
  2. Assist the JRCPTB in the prioritisation of developments to ensure they are delivered in the best order for all our stakeholders.
  3. Ensure JRCPTB is informed of changes to training that may influence how or when the ePortfolio is used
  4. Assist JRCPTB where required in creation and delivery of appropriate communication about the ePortfolio

The group comprises ten members:

  • 3 trainee representatives – one to be from CMT
  • 3 local administrators from different areas of the UK and represent both Trust and Deanery administrators
  • 3 clinicians from different specialties
  • 1 JRCPTB administrator

In fact there are 4 trainee representatives. Lucky me, I am one of them! You can get in touch with me here, or on Twitter. You can also email the JRCPTB directly with your ePortfolio-related ideas: ePortfolioideas@jrcptb.org.uk.

This is a great step forward. If you’re a physician trainee you now have a direct line of communication to the JRCPTB to influence their decisions. It’s not perfect, it’s not agile, but it’s a start.

If you are not a physician trainee perhaps you should ask your College where your user group is……


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