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Where do we go now?

Last week I saw a film at the BFI called “Where do we go now?” The film is great, but the content is not very relevant to Postgraduate Medical Training. The title, however, got me thinking….

The Royal Colleges and NES, who make the NHS physician ePortfolio, are drawing up ‘roadmaps’ which set out a vision for future directions. This is great, as their aims, objectives and ideas are being carefully constructed. But where is the trainee input to this process?

Where do we go now?

Where do we go now?

So, if the JRCPTB and NES are going to have ‘roadmaps’, I propose we write our own. I have started a Googledoc. You can edit it by clicking this link:

If  you don’t participate when given the chance don’t complain when you have to do 100 WPBAs a week, link every curriculum item to 50 pieces of evidence and there’s still no app in 2020

Go on, contribute. Put your ideas on paper. Make change happen. If you don’t other people will make decisions for you. I doubt you’ll like them.


I have a dream

I have a dream. A dream that I will log into my NHS ePortfolio and will not want to pull my own eyelashes out within five minutes in frustration.